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IAC Group

11th March 2016 Go to Retail Sector →

Spectrum carried out a series of washroom refurbishments and office refurbishments in various buildings at the Halewood operations site of IAC Group. IAC is the third largest automotive interior components supplier in the world by market share and the only global supplier with a singular focus on interiors. IAC is headquartered in Luxembourg, and has a strong global footprint including more than 32,000 employees at approximately 100 locations in 22 countries! The updated facilities have made a massive difference to the employees at Halewood and are already in heavy use 24hours a day. Here’s what they say : ‘A fantastic end product that we are delighted with. The professionalism and adaptability shown whilst completely refurbishing our factory washrooms made the impact on ourselves whilst the work was on-going so much easier. Thanks for all of the hard work.’

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