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Considerations for Public Washrooms and Toilets

Posted on by Spectrum.Team

Designing public washrooms can be a much more complex process than you may have initially believed – there are certain criteria and guidelines your public facility must meet. Spectrum Interiors have years of experience in building comfortable and aesthetically pleasing public facilities and have used our experience to put together this guide to help you in designing the perfect facility for your establishment.


Basic Requirements

It’s important to cover the basics first, and there are some specifications that must be met to ensure that the facilities are safe, hygienic and suitable for the public to use:

  • Facilities for disabled persons must be allocated
  • There must be suitable means for the disposal of sanitary products in the female facilities
  • Bathroom facilities must not open into any room where food is handled
  • Suitable wash facilities must be provided

Guidelines for the Number of Facilities

There are varying standards for facilities, dependant upon the type of establishment they are to serve. Make sure that you are looking at the relevant standards for your type of establishment before you begin to design your facilities. Some of the most popular public establishments’ guidelines are:

Restaurants, cafes, canteens and catering premises (non-liquor licensed)


  • 1 WC for every 100 males up to 400  and then 1 for up to every additional 250 males
  • 1 urinal for every 50 males
  • 1 Washbasin per WC and 1 for up to every 5 urinals


  • 2 per 50 users up to 200 users and 1 for up to every additional 100 females
  • 1 washbasin per WC

Non-liquor licenced buildings used for public entertainment


  • 1 WC for up to 250 users plus 1 for up to every additional 500 males
  • 2 for up to 100 users and 1 for up to every additional 80 males
  • I per WC and 1 for every 1-5 urinals


  • 2 WCs for 40 females, 3 for 41-70 females, 4 for 71-100 females plus 1 for up to every additional 40 females
  • 1 washbasin, plus 1 for every 1-2 WCs

Public houses and licensed bars


  • 1 WC for up to 150 users plus 1 for up to every additional 150 males
  • 2 urinals for up to 75 users and 1 for up to every additional 75 males
  • 1 Washbasin per WC and 1 for each 1-5 urinals


  • 1 WC for up to 12 females, 2 WCs for 13-30 females plus 1 for up to every additional 25 females
  • 1 washbasin per 2 WCs

Other Considerations to Improve Your Public Washrooms

There are also some design ideas to keep in mind which can improve the usability of your facilities:

  • Use a material that is easily cleaned
  • Good ventilation can keep your facility fresh
  • Facilities shouldn’t be visible from the entrance
  • The more hands-free your facility is, the more hygienic
  • Directional and gender signage should be obvious
  • Fit urinals with a sensor-operated flush
  • Baby-changing facilities should be accessible to all
  • Fit grip handles in disabled cubicles or along walls to assist the elderly

Spectrum Interiors have a high-quality range of toilets and vanity units to fully equip your public bathroom to a high standard. Our team are professional and friendly, offering a smooth process from initial meeting to final installation. If you’d like more information on how we can assist you in designing the most suited facilities for your establishment, get in contact today. We’ll be happy to help you with any queries you may have.

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