How to Make Your Clients More Comfortable in Your Reception Area

Company branding

When a client or potential client visits your office, making a great first impression is essential for creating a positive experience. That’s why your customer reception or receptionist area should represent your business, creating a welcoming environment from the minute your visitors step through the door.

There are many factors to consider when planning the design of your reception area, from functional aspects such as furniture and heating, to the more visual statements such as branding and colour schemes. For how to improve a reception area, we’ve listed our top tips to help creating a professional, stylish reception area that will help to make your clients feel more comfortable.

Company branding

Company branding

Making a clear, stylish statement that shows your clients they’re in the right place can be an excellent way of making visitors more comfortable. A professional welcome sign in your company colours, or a display of the company branding used as artwork in the reception area not only helps assure clients they are in the correct location, but also creates a great first impression of your company as a brand.

reception desk

Accessible reception desk

As the first point of contact your clients will have with your company, the reception desk should be welcoming and clearly visible as soon as visitors enter the building. A large and stylish desk will make a great visual impact on clients, and should ideally be designed so that the receptionist is at eye level with clients upon their arrival.

comfortable furniture

Comfortable seating and furniture

Comfort is essential in waiting areas, so providing adequate seating for your clients and visitors should be a priority. Adding sofas or cushioned chairs will be a great way of ensuring your clients can relax happily while waiting, and can also be a useful way of adding in your company colours to the area.
In addition to seating, providing practical furniture such as a coffee table with reading materials on it, a coat stand, a clock, and signs for the facilities are all important features that will help your clients feel more comfortable in your reception area.



It can be easy to forget about smaller details such as temperature, but your heating can have a big impact on how welcoming your reception area feels. Set the air conditioning to room temperature to ensure guests feel comfortable without their coats on, and be sure to factor in the outside weather throughout the year to ensure the reception area remains a relaxing place to be.



Your reception area should be well lit at all times, but take care to avoid lighting the space too harshly in comparison with the rest of the office and outside. Lamps or dimmer lights can be installed to enable the lighting to be effectively controlled, ensuring the lighting levels are appropriate throughout the day.


Keep it clean

One of the best ways to ensure your reception area is a comfortable place for your clients to be in is to keep it looking clean and tidy at all times. A cluttered or dirty reception can quickly give the wrong impression to potential clients, and can make the area an unpleasant place to be, so ensure that it is cleaned regularly to keep standards high. The reception area should also be free of unpleasant odours at all times – installing an air freshener here can be useful to keep the area smelling fresh.


Friendly staff

It sounds obvious, but a friendly face to welcome clients can be the most important factor to making a good first impression. Ensure that your staff are knowledgable and friendly to all visitors, and that they are experienced with the correct procedures to follow when signing clients into the building.
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