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Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas Post COVID-19

The world has been fundamentally altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the average adult now tending to pay much closer attention to hygiene and the potential for bacteria dissemination than was previously the case. There is no room in any workplace more closely associated with germs and bugs than the average public bathroom which tends to be a natural breeding ground for these threats to wellbeing. This is leading to an increasing number of businesses beginning to rethink commercial bathroom and toilet facilities to ensure that they are adequately prepared to face the challenges brought about by the new world. So,…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Toilet COVID Secure

IPS panel toilets feature a small surface area that is easy to clean.

COVID-19 safety is still an important concern for owners of commercial properties with shared washrooms. Reducing the spread of this virus will take effort from both property owners and the customers that frequent these locations. Customers can improve their safety by following preventative measures such as regular hand washing and avoiding direct contact with surfaces. Property owners, on the other hand, can make their toilets more COVID-secure with the aid of social distancing screens and commercial vanity unit screens in addition to other safety fittings. Let’s take a closer look at some ways to make your toilets more COVID-secure. 1. Hand…

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World Post COVID: 4 Things you should consider in a washroom

Commercial toilet cubicles

When you think of using a public washroom post-COVID, you might think it could still be a high-risk environment. However, scientists believe that may not necessarily be the case. According to studies, if you take the required measures, washrooms pose just the same risk as any other communal space, but not more. Take a look at the following 4 things that you need to consider while using a public washroom in a post-COVID world. Personal safety measures Just like any other communal and public space, you need to wear a face mask while using a public restroom where you can to…

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5 Ways To Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19

Perspex Sneeze Guard

Healthcare staff are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. These essential workers require the most protection from the virus, as they come into contact with infected patients regularly. Most hospitals have already implemented safety measures to keep their workers protected, but emerging technology such as a perspex safety screen can assist in the fight against Coronavirus. If you are interested in finding fit out contractors in Manchester then there will be many suppliers that offer special items to protect against COVID-19. The safety of your hospital’s staff should never be taken for granted. So here are 5 ways…

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COVID-19: 5 Food Safety Precautions At Restaurants

Restaurants can set up sneeze guards to protect their food items.

Many restaurants and cafes have resumed their operations in the UK. While the threat of COVID-19 still exists, it’s believed that these businesses can operate safely by following appropriate food safety precautions. If you run a restaurant, here are 5 safety measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of your staff and customers contracting COVID-19. 1) Masks for staff People going into restaurants are currently not required to wear masks, as they are considered impractical while eating. However, your restaurant staff should be required to wear masks when they are handling food items. This is a great way to prevent…

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5 New Ways to Protect Patients from COVID-19 in Hospitals

Some hospitals are using sneeze guard glass to keep patients protected from the Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 earlier this year caught everyone off guard initially. This novel virus carries a high fatality rate, which has prompted many facilities to take special measures to keep their staff safe. However, hospitals have to take extra precautions due to the high number of coronavirus-positive patients that visit them every day. This creates risks for both patients and staff residing in these facilities. Staff at medical institutions have been following standard COVID-19 safety practices such as wearing personal protective equipment. NHS workers have also been practicing social distancing and washing their hands regularly for several months. Some hospitals…

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5 Office Washroom Regulations During COVID-19

corona friendly washroom

With the rise and spread of COVID-19, all public places have had to undergo drastic changes in their setup. These changes are necessary to control the spread of the virus as currently, controlling the number of cases is the primary way of managing the virus until a proper and effective treatment is found. While many workplaces have switched to remote working and have asked their employees to work from home, many businesses need their employees to work from the office. Here are some of the washroom regulations, such as having touchless, sensor-activated commercial washroom vanity units, that must be followed when…

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5 Safety Measures For Restaurants and Workplaces Post COVID-19

hospitality corona

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the business environment has changed forever. More safety measures are now needed than ever before and many of them would have been unthinkable a few months back. The use of office refurbishment and custom sneeze guards is now necessary to protect your staff and customers. Here are some safety measures that businesses of all sorts, including restaurants, will need to undertake to ensure maximum safety for everyone. Regular Hand Washing Businesses must put up signs in prominent areas encouraging their staff to wash their hands regularly. Many public health bodies worldwide and in the…

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5 Ways Hospitals Prepared for the Pandemic – Learnings From COVID-19

Hospital covid

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, hospitals hit warp speed in their commitment to operationalising their personnel and resources to meet the new challenge in a safe environment. Hospitals are taking new measures and enacting new policies to stay safe during the pandemic, this includes deploying PPE, installing IPS panel toilets, and glass or perspex safety screens. Their trials and successes offer a blueprint for regular offices that are scheduled to reopen during the pandemic within safety parameters. Here are 5 ways hospitals are preparing for the pandemic that could help you: 1. Create a Visual Schedule and Meet up the Experts…

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How we are Helping Keep Staff Safe During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected people’s health and lives and the economy as well. This is because multiple organisations have had to stop work to stop the virus from spreading. That said, some organisations offices have had to continue to operate despite the effects of the pandemic, especially essential services like pharmacies and, of course, the NHS. If your place of work is still operational, here are some measures you should take to ensure that your employees are protected and can continue their work as unhindered as possible. Install Acrylic Transparent Protection Screens In Front of Reception and between Staff…

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