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5 Ways to Keep Your Toilet COVID Secure

IPS panel toilets feature a small surface area that is easy to clean.

COVID-19 safety is still an important concern for owners of commercial properties with shared washrooms. Reducing the spread of this virus will take effort from both property owners and the customers that frequent these locations. Customers can improve their safety by following preventative measures such as regular hand washing and avoiding direct contact with surfaces. Property owners, on the other hand, can make their toilets more COVID-secure with the aid of social distancing screens and commercial vanity unit screens in addition to other safety fittings. Let’s take a closer look at some ways to make your toilets more COVID-secure. 1. Hand…

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5 Office Washroom Regulations During COVID-19

corona friendly washroom

With the rise and spread of COVID-19, all public places have had to undergo drastic changes in their setup. These changes are necessary to control the spread of the virus as currently, controlling the number of cases is the primary way of managing the virus until a proper and effective treatment is found. While many workplaces have switched to remote working and have asked their employees to work from home, many businesses need their employees to work from the office. Here are some of the washroom regulations, such as having touchless, sensor-activated commercial washroom vanity units, that must be followed when…

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Office Washroom Guidance

Office Washroom Guidance

Providing employees and clients with fully functioning washroom facilities in an office environment is essential so they feel completely comfortable using the facilities and that all their needs are taken care of. According to the HSE’s Welfare at Work guidance, employers have a duty to provide “adequate and appropriate welfare facilities” while their staff are at work, which includes: Washing Toilet Rest Changing A clean area to eat and drink during breaks This article will serve to explain the guidance offices must follow to ensure their office washrooms fulfil the necessary requirements. Toilet and washing facilities All employers are responsible for…

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