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5 Ways to Keep Your Toilet COVID Secure

IPS panel toilets feature a small surface area that is easy to clean.

COVID-19 safety is still an important concern for owners of commercial properties with shared washrooms. Reducing the spread of this virus will take effort from both property owners and the customers that frequent these locations. Customers can improve their safety by following preventative measures such as regular hand washing and avoiding direct contact with surfaces. Property owners, on the other hand, can make their toilets more COVID-secure with the aid of social distancing screens and commercial vanity unit screens in addition to other safety fittings. Let’s take a closer look at some ways to make your toilets more COVID-secure. 1. Hand…

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World Post COVID: 4 Things you should consider in a washroom

Commercial toilet cubicles

When you think of using a public washroom post-COVID, you might think it could still be a high-risk environment. However, scientists believe that may not necessarily be the case. According to studies, if you take the required measures, washrooms pose just the same risk as any other communal space, but not more. Take a look at the following 4 things that you need to consider while using a public washroom in a post-COVID world. Personal safety measures Just like any other communal and public space, you need to wear a face mask while using a public restroom where you can to…

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Public Toilets in the UK

Spectrum Interiors

Public Washrooms in the UK While the UK population has increased by 12.5% over the past two decades, the amount of public toilets has declined by a whopping 39%. This is an alarming disparity, and with the gap only looking to continue, we thought it was of vital importance that we start a conversation about an otherwise unpublicised problem. This article is going to explore the reasons behind our toilet slump, as well as the problems they’re causing people up and down the country and how we, the population, can make a change. Why are our public toilets in decline? The…

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Privacy: What You Need to Know When Designing Public Toilets

Public Toilet Facility

Catering to one of the most basic human functions, the provision of washroom facilities is something that needs to be thought of in nearly every public building and space. However, anyone who has used a public toilet facility before will know the spectrum of states bathrooms can come in, and as such, we all appreciate a well maintained, and well-designed facility.   A well-designed bathroom may not be at the top of your list when planning the layout of your site, but it should be. Public washrooms that are hygienic, welcoming, and above all, provide a high level of privacy to…

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[Infographic] Inside Toilet cubicles From Around The World

Infographic of Toilet Cubicles Around The World

We all know that travel broadens the mind, but in some places, it can also strengthen the thighs! We’ve taken a peek into different bathrooms around the world to lift the lid on what you can expect to find inside toilet cubicles when you spend a penny overseas… Australian outback Many cultures around the world have toilets separated from the main home, not for privacy but for hygiene (especially in areas when the summer climate could make these loos a very unpleasant place to be!). In the Australian outback these are called dunnys, and although thankfully many have been now abandoned,…

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Create Shopping Centre Toilets That the Public Will Love

Shopping Centre Washroom

Public toilets do tend to have a very bad reputation, with the common conception being that public toilets are unhygienic, badly designed, unattractive and often broken. This can lead to people refusing to visit the facilities at public places, such as shopping centres, which can negatively impact their experience and result in customers heading home early. To keep your customers happy and spending more time in your shopping centre, it is vital that you create attractive and clean facilities for everyone to use. Spectrum Interiors have used our substantial experience in the production of high quality public toilets to provide this…

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Considerations for Public Washrooms and Toilets

Spectrum Interiors

Designing public washrooms can be a much more complex process than you may have initially believed – there are certain criteria and guidelines your public facility must meet. Spectrum Interiors have years of experience in building comfortable and aesthetically pleasing public facilities and have used our experience to put together this guide to help you in designing the perfect facility for your establishment.   Basic Requirements It’s important to cover the basics first, and there are some specifications that must be met to ensure that the facilities are safe, hygienic and suitable for the public to use: Facilities for disabled persons…

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Creating Accessible Washroom Facilities

disabled parking sign

The law It’s important to ensure that proper consideration is given for disabled users when designing new or refurbished toilet/cleaning facilities. UK law requires that ‘reasonable changes’ need to be made and there are numerous examples of people that have failed to comply. It may seem like the last thing a smaller business needs to take into consideration, when times are tough, is catering to a minority group, and it is easy to resent these legal impositions on your business or organisation and the threat of legal action. However, let’s focus on the pros rather than the cons. Positive reasons for…

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