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How we are Helping Keep Staff Safe During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected people’s health and lives and the economy as well. This is because multiple organisations have had to stop work to stop the virus from spreading. That said, some organisations offices have had to continue to operate despite the effects of the pandemic, especially essential services like pharmacies and, of course, the NHS. If your place of work is still operational, here are some measures you should take to ensure that your employees are protected and can continue their work as unhindered as possible.

Install Acrylic Transparent Protection Screens In Front of Reception and between Staff and Patients/Customers

Installing strategically located acrylic glass protection screens, such as around the reception desk, can separate staff and members of the public. This way, staff will not come into contact with potential carriers of the virus. Considering the barrier is Acrylic, people can still communicate efficiently with the screen between them.

Please see the below examples of Acrylic screens in a hospital environment – these were installed recently by us at very short notice for the Countess of Chester Hospital and further work is ongoing. Getting in and out of the areas as quickly as possible is logically a top priority for maximum safety – we deemed this more important than professional pictures!

The virus cannot get through these screens, so your employees can feel safer when working in the workplace.

All of these areas were carefully drawn up as shown prior to installation to make sure they fit perfectly.

The end result is that these measures provide a very good return for helping stop the spread of the virus, with minimum disruption, conversely helping valued NHS staff work more efficiently and feel safer whilst carrying out their crucial job.

We cannot get the message out fast enough, but we are doing all we can to help in this current situation.

If there are any other interior headaches related to the current situation, please give us a call on 01244 333 488 – we have seen them all before (10+ year track record with the Countess of Chester) and will very likely be able to come up with a creative washroom refurbishment and office fit-out solution at short notice to protect your staff.


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