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Why does it Matter to Keep Your Office Organised and Clean?

Your employees spend a significant share of their daily time in the office. The state of organisation and cleanliness of the workplace has a great impact on the overall productivity and wellbeing of the employees. The workplace should be such a place that refreshes the employees as soon as they enter. It should not be cluttered and filled with unnecessary stuff lying around here and there. A disorganised and messy office can affect your overall efficiency and productivity. Here are some reasons why keeping your office clean and organised is essential. 1. You Don’t Lose Things You will never lose any…

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5 Tips to Design Office Space for Remote Workers

Working remotely for a company is becoming increasingly common these days. It encourages flexibility and allows employees to work from home. This boosts their efficiency and increases the overall productivity of the company. It improves work-life balance and negates the need for often long and stressful commutes to head office. With an increase in the number of remote workers, office spaces and designs are also changing rapidly. Workers increasingly don’t come to the office to do their work, instead using the office as a meeting and project space as they prefer working remotely when engaged in individual tasks. So, how does…

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3 Ways Incorporating Company Culture in Your Office Design Can Drive Business

It is no secret that employees are much happier if their work is valued and appreciated by their manager and the company. When employees are happy, it positively impacts their performance and they produce better quality work. For employees, their job can be a great opportunity for personal development and collaboration with their co-workers. Most days it is easy to focus on work, but some days, almost everything is distracting. Fortunately, there are ways to improve work ethic all the while working on company culture. Here is how incorporating company culture in your workplace can improve your business. Refine the Atmosphere…

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3 Ways to Promote Office Wellbeing in Your Workplace

A healthy work environment only means content employees, high work productivity and increased efficiency. Since your employees spend most of their day at the office, it is essential for them to be surrounded by positive energy, which will directly translate into their work. Here are a few ways you can promote well being at the workplace. Provide Ergonomic Furniture What many managers might fail to realize is the direct impact your office environment makes on your employees. If your employees are surrounded with ergonomic furniture, they are more likely to be satisfied with their workplace and the work that they do….

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4 Modernistic Office Design Trends That Every Interior Designer Should Consider

Every year, commercial refurbishment contractors and office interior specialists come up with new and unique ways to make offices more pleasant, comfortable, and efficient for workers. There are no set rules for designing a great-looking office If you are looking to refresh your office interiors, let’s give you some inspiration. Below, we’ve compiled some of the top trends that have made their way into modern offices. 1. Workspaces Tailored to Activity-Based Working Office fit out contractors and designers are now more focused on the experience that employees and customers have within a space. Activity-based working spaces acknowledge that employees wish to…

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4 Eye-Catching Open Plan Office Design Trends

The trend of designing open plan offices dates back to the late 90s and it’s still popular. Eliminating traditional barriers like walls and closed office doors, open plan offices allow for easier communication and collaboration among employees. They also provide increased flexibility with how you can lay-out the office space. If you’re looking for creative and unique ways to revamp your open floor offices, you’ve arrived at the right place. In this post, we’re going to tell you some of the most stunning trends that can help you with your commercial office fit out design brighten up your workspaces. 1. Flexible…

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3 Issues That Could Be Avoided with Simple Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics can make the workplace safer and more efficient for your employees. It prevents the body from awkward postures. If you want to increase the comfort and productivity level of your employees, then you should implement the ergonomic program in your commercial office design. Big companies are spending a lot of time and money in developing ergonomics in the workplace. Here are things you must consider before developing an ergonomics program in your workplace: Employees Involvement: Take suggestions from your employees in all aspects of the ergonomics program. Involve them in all important decisions. Commitment: Set the priority of these programs…

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5 Sustainable Office Space Designs to Increase Employee Productivity

A workplace environment has a significant impact on the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Personal workspace is apparently the most neglected factor of workplace productivity. The space you work in has a great influence on how you work and how much you achieve in a given time. This tells us how important it is to have a commercial office design that increases productivity with an added element of comfort for your employees. A workspace can be a very stressful and demanding place sometimes due to the workload and deadlines. With a little help from office fit out services, you can…

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Public Toilets in the UK

Spectrum Interiors

Public Washrooms in the UK While the UK population has increased by 12.5% over the past two decades, the amount of public toilets has declined by a whopping 39%. This is an alarming disparity, and with the gap only looking to continue, we thought it was of vital importance that we start a conversation about an otherwise unpublicised problem. This article is going to explore the reasons behind our toilet slump, as well as the problems they’re causing people up and down the country and how we, the population, can make a change. Why are our public toilets in decline? The…

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Checklist For Your First Office Fit-Out

commercial office refurbishment

You’re on the up as a business and the only way to accommodate more growth is to physically expand and move into your own permanent address. There’s just one niggling thing – where do you begin with an office fit-out? Thankfully, the experts at Spectrum Interiors have a few tips to make an empty office space the new home for your brand. Beginners’ guide to office fit-outs It’s a unique opportunity, so seize it: Gather together the most experienced staff and compile a list of things you like about your current office and another list of opportunities to improve the space…

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