4 Modernistic Office Design Trends That Every Interior Designer Should Consider

Every year, commercial refurbishment contractors and office interior specialists come up with new and unique ways to make offices more pleasant, comfortable, and efficient for workers. There are no set rules for designing a great-looking office.

If you are looking to refresh your office interiors, let’s give you some inspiration. Below, we’ve compiled some of the top trends that have made their way into modern offices.

1. Workspaces Tailored to Activity-Based Working

Office fit out contractors and designers are now more focused on the experience that employees and customers have within a space. Activity-based working spaces acknowledge that employees wish to carry out specific tasks and activities in different settings. This means designers are including different collaborative, breakout, and private spaces for employees, allowing them to spend time depending on the task they’re at and their preferred style of working.

Additionally, including gymnasiums, coffee bars, meditation areas, game rooms, and other similar spaces is also becoming extremely popular in order to promote employee well-being at work. Employers realize that happy workers are efficient and more productive.

2. Adding Pops of Colour

While minimalist and natural tones aren’t out, pops of colour through the office are certainly in! Workplaces are becoming more and more accepting of colours. Colour offers creative vibrancy and inspiration to workers. Also, adding some colour is an excellent way to bring your office interior in line with your corporate branding and culture.

Coloured timber frames, metals, and furniture are hitting the modern offices and suppliers are powder coating conventional metal or wooden structures. You can easily balance out neutral and minimalistic colour schemes with some coloured elements without going overboard.

3. Texture Variations

These days, office fit-out contractors are introducing a variety of textures and finishes throughout the workplace. These can add great visual interest and make any office space look attractive through use of standout textures.

You can get this done by using textured furniture, brick walls or contrasting floor textures. Interface carpet planks are another eye-catching feature to add to your flooring that can completely transform the whole look of your office.

4. Living Walls

Biophilic workplaces are a hot trend in office design and decor. It has given rise to the concept of living walls or green walls. These foliage covered walls have given an exciting twist to greenery in the office and offers employers to create vertical gardens.

Not only do they look super attractive, they can make your offices healthier too. These walls remove toxins from the office environment and bring a sense of calm inside the workplace.

These were just some of the most popular office design trends that are becoming increasingly popular. Incorporate them into your offices to give a new life to your workspace.

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