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Business Sectors That Spectrum Interiors Refurbish & Fit-Out

Spectrum Interiors specialise in the design and implementation of refurbishment projects in commercial, industrial and educational spaces. Let’s look at the various sectors we serve and the specialist services we bring to each.

Commercial Interior Refurbishment

Modern, well-planned office environments are known to improve efficiency and well-being, where a good mix of communal and private spaces provides the best conditions for your team and business to thrive.

At Spectrum Interiors, we work with architects and clients to create reception areas, offices, boardrooms, and breakout spaces that are pleasant, healthy places to spend the working day.

Manufacturing Workspace Refurbishment

The broad range of spaces we refurbish makes Spectrum a good fit for anyone needing refurbishment of a Manufacturing site.

Our specialist refurbishment team designs bespoke environments that include features such as intelligent new space utilisation for mezzanine floors and office extensions.

We can refurbish and fit out offices, washrooms, receptions, changing areas, showers, and canteens within manufacturing sites – in fact pretty much everything other than the actual production area itself.

Healthcare Spaces Refurbishment

Health centres, clinics, surgeries, and hospitals all require interior design solutions that are functional, safe, and hygienic to comply with regulatory requirements.

Spectrum Interiors is familiar with the specific demands of this sector, creating environments that are welcoming and relaxing for patients, pleasant and practical for staff, and built to withstand the heavy demands required of them.

Education Facilities Refurbishment

From kindergartens and schools to colleges and universities, education thrives in a practical, adaptable, and stimulating environment.

Spectrum Interiors design and create versatile learning spaces that accommodate both group and individual study, and combined with comfortable seating and ergonomic workstations these encourage student engagement and more successful outcomes.

View our school changing room and school toilet refurbishments in further detail.

Leisure and Amenities Refurbishment

Sports and leisure amenities demand much from their interior fit-outs due to their high footfall and often heavy use.

From sports halls and workshops to changing facilities and washrooms, Spectrum Interiors know how to design and construct interiors that will take all this in its stride while providing a pleasant environment for activity and relaxation.

Retail Space Refurbishment

Faced with increased competition from online rivals, retail spaces need to create environments that add value to the shopping experience through attractive stores, display units, and fitting rooms.

Spectrum Interiors draw on a wealth of experience and a great selection of interior fit-out products to create retail spaces that are unique, attractive, and aligned with retailers’ brands.

Why Spectrum?

Spectrum Interiors is different because we take full accountability for your interior refurbishment project. We do this by understanding your objectives and needs to coordinate the complete design and build under one team.

A young and energetic team, offering personalized customer service with a quick turnaround, at competitive prices and to a very good quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Spectrum Interiors.

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