5 Office Washroom Regulations During COVID-19

With the rise and spread of COVID-19, all public places have had to undergo drastic changes in their setup. These changes are necessary to control the spread of the virus as currently, controlling the number of cases is the primary way of managing the virus until a proper and effective treatment is found.

While many workplaces have switched to remote working and have asked their employees to work from home, many businesses need their employees to work from the office. Here are some of the washroom regulations, such as having touchless, sensor-activated commercial washroom vanity units, that must be followed when opening up your office space again>

2. Proper Signage

It’s required for all office washrooms to have signs regarding proper hand washing methods. This includes how long people should be washing their hands for and how important it is to thoroughly wash their hands. The signs must also educate people about not touching their face, regularly using hand sanitizer and be responsible about flushing and throwing their garbage in the bins.

2. Regular Maintenance

It is now more important than ever to ensure all washrooms have functional toilets to remove the risk of spreading the virus among employees. All employees must be instructed to close toilet lids before flushing. Using an IPS panel toilet system can help you upgrade and fix any issues in your workplace’s plumbing to make sure that no germs remain in the space for too long.

3. Disinfect All Surfaces

All your commercial washroom vanity units must be thoroughly disinfected as often as possible. All surfaces in the washrooms need to be sprayed and cleaned several times throughout the day so that any lingering bacteria is killed within a safe time period before it can spread.

4. Limit Contact

Install a glass or Perspex sneeze guard between all the sinks in the washroom to prevent the spread of germs while people are washing hands. You can even put them up between urinals, and between the workstations inside the office space as well. This helps control germs that spread through coughing and sneezing, which is the most common way of contracting COVID.

5. Proper Ventilation

Most public washrooms don’t pay much heed to proper ventilation. This allows germs to linger in a space long enough to spread to other people. Make sure you have ventilation, and a functional air purifier to keep the area hazard-free. Using an IPS panel toilet system, you can install exhaust fans into cubicles and cover up the additional wiring without ruining the aesthetic appeal of the washroom.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t always 100% possible to make your office space completely safe from COVID-19. There are still chances of an employee who is already sick, but not displaying symptoms, to enter the office and infect their peers.

However, if you limit the number of employees at the office at a time, and use measures to prevent extended exposure, such as a glass or Perspex sneeze guard at the front desk as well, you can reduce the chances of putting your employees at risk. Proper guidance and education regarding the spread is also essential.

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