5 Safety Measures For Restaurants and Workplaces Post COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the business environment has changed forever. More safety measures are now needed than ever before and many of them would have been unthinkable a few months back.

The use of office refurbishment and custom sneeze guards is now necessary to protect your staff and customers. For restaurant safety protocols, here are some safety measures that businesses of all sorts, including restaurants, will need to undertake to ensure maximum safety for everyone.

Regular Hand Washing

Businesses must put up signs in prominent areas encouraging their staff to wash their hands regularly. Many public health bodies worldwide and in the UK have recommended regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Routine Disinfection

Routine disinfection is critical to protect yourself against coronavirus since it can linger on surfaces, which increases its risk of spreading. Doorknobs and countertops are the types of surfaces that are in frequent contact with people and may thus harbour coronavirus.

It is necessary to disinfect these surfaces to mitigate the risk of others coming into contact with the virus. Businesses should provide disposable wipes to their employees so that everyone, besides the cleaning staff, engages in regular disinfection.

Sneeze Guard Glass

Businesses should install sneeze guard glass wherever possible so that the possibility of coronavirus infection is minimised. Restaurants, in particular, will benefit from customised restaurant sneeze guards that can be configured to the ideal dimensions of their premises.

Custom sneeze guards are now absolutely crucial for winning the trust of distraught customers who fear catching the virus. Sneeze guard glasses will help to restore customer confidence in the safety of restaurants and encourage customers to visit them more often.

customised sneeze guard screen

Office Refurbishment

Office refurbishment in Manchester is now paramount for the safety and wellbeing of staff. A reliable office refurbishment service can help you to transform your office so that it provides a safe environment for employees.

With office refurbishment, your staff will be reassured that you are taking necessary measures to safeguard their wellbeing.


Businesses should emphasise to employees that coronavirus safety is a collective responsibility. Meetings should be held at regular intervals to discuss pertinent coronavirus issues and how to alleviate them. Everybody should participate in these meetings to make coronavirus safety a success.

Covid safety screen


Public Health England and other government bodies are now recommending the use of screens (shown in images below) as a safeguard against COVID-19 infection in places that cannot maintain the mandatory 2-meter minimum distance. This safety measure is designed to protect both visitors and staff from COVID-19 transmission.

With our system, you can combine components in the most suitable configuration according to your workplace conditions. The metal fixing is robust and versatile due to which you can reuse it with other screens like double-sided magnetic glass, coloured laminates and printed panels. That is, the metal fixing system gives you the flexibility to change your screens if necessary for the future. You won’t be stuck with your old screen and are free to change it whenever you like.

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