5 Ways To Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19

Perspex Sneeze Guard

Healthcare staff are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. These essential workers require the most protection from the virus, as they come into contact with infected patients regularly.

Most hospitals have already implemented safety measures to keep their workers protected, but emerging technology such as a perspex safety screen can assist in the fight against Coronavirus. If you are interested in finding fit out contractors in Manchester then there will be many suppliers that offer special items to protect against COVID-19.

The safety of your hospital’s staff should never be taken for granted. So here are 5 ways that hospitals and clinics can keep their workers safe from COVID-19.

1) Personal protective equipment

Like most people working during the pandemic, hospital staff are required to wear protective masks while performing their duties. However, these workers are often required to wear additional equipment, such as disposable gloves and eye protection goggles, to enhance their protection.

These disposable gloves allow staff to interact with patients without fear of contracting the virus via touch. They also reduce the need for constant hand washing, which can be time- consuming and difficult to do regularly when staff are working their shift.

The eye protection goggles are an additional measure that prevent COVID-19 germs and bacteria from entering the body through the eyes. These items are not normally required, but they could be important for people who come into contact with infected patients regularly.

2) Separate wards

Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, many hospitals felt it would be best to keep separate wards for coronavirus-positive patients. This is a wise approach, as maintaining separate or cordoned off areas reduces the chances of the virus spreading to other visitors and staff who are not directly interacting with infected patients.

4) Testing workers regularly

Hospitals are also assigning specific staff members to work at COVID-19 wards. These workers primarily oversee testing and treatment of coronavirus positive patients, and rarely interact with other patients. They also undergo testing or screening before they begin and end their shift.

With this approach, if one staff member contracts the virus, they will be identified and removed before they can infect other doctors or immunocompromised patients that are most-at-risk of being infected.

5) Disinfecting everything

Hospitals were known for their strict cleaning and disinfecting practices even prior to the pandemic. After all, many of these locations are expected to host recovering patients who are susceptible to deadly viruses.

Since the outbreak began, hospitals have increased the frequency with which they are disinfecting floors and other surfaces. In addition to this, hand sanitizer stations have been set up in many rooms, which makes it easier for staff to disinfect their hands before entering and exiting the facility.

6) Protective screens

Masks are believed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 because they function as a barrier that prevents the virus from getting into your respiratory system. Hospitals can also set up physical barriers that protect their staff from germs and bacteria.

A perspex safety screen is a clear barrier that can be set up in different parts of the hospital for this purpose. Unlike a mask which is porous enough to allow air through, these items do not allow any particles to penetrate through their surface.

All medical facilities should set up a glass or perspex screen for reception and other desks where staff interacts with the public. You never know which patients visiting the hospital may be carrying the virus, so it’s best to play it safe.

A glass or perspex screen for reception can be purchased from fit out contractors. Manchester is home to many fit out companies who offer such equipment for offices and hospitals.

The battle against COVID-19 is going to continue for a while. So keep your healthcare workers safe with the help of safety products from Spectrum Interiors.


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