Countess of Chester Hospital – Café

This café at the Education and Training Centre was in need of an update to transform it from a disused canteen to a welcoming, multifunctional space. We worked with AFL Architects to design the suspended light panels and to install both the integrated LED lights and circular feature lights.

The colossal 16ft long lighting rafts require specialist wire in order to support their weight and are designed as such to reduce the ceiling height to a more personable level suitable for the dining area. This in turn causes some acoustic reduction; helping to achieve a calm environment. We sourced a mix of LED lights to fit into the panel, which provides an even distribution of light in order to brighten up the space. The additional circular lights add variation and work well as a feature to coordinate the colour scheme.

The result is a comfortable, clean space enjoyed by staff and patients in the day, with a high-quality finish suitable for the events which are held here in the evening.

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