Gym Changing Rooms: Keep it Light

Following an intense workout, the thought of a cool shower and changing into some fresh clothes is the main thing occupying any gym-goer’s mind. However, a darkly-lit changing room can make getting ready for a gym session and changing afterwards very difficult tasks. This article will serve to explain the importance of having efficiently-lit gym changing areas and the positive effect it can have on individuals and the business as a whole.

Some of the most successful gym chains pride themselves on the luxurious appeal of their changing rooms, providing light and clean facilities for all their customers. For such an industry, it is imperative to provide a hygienic environment which delivers on both practicality and style. This will make current gym-goers feel totally comfortable with using the facilities and, in turn, will encourage more members to join through word of mouth recommendations.

So, how can you bring a light and clean feel to your gym changing room?

Firstly, durable and elegant vanity units will automatically set the tone of your gym, so be sure to thoroughly research materials and styles before making any major decisions. The design of your vanity units must complement the rest of the room seamlessly, and with the extensive range of styles and finishes available on the market today, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The sleek, professional appearance of an acrylic solid surface has made it a popular option for vanity units in many successful gym chains. Utilised for its robust and easy-to-maintain qualities, it delivers on both style and practicality. With alternative products offered in solid grade laminate in a comprehensive range of colours and finishes, there is plenty of choice so you can find the ideal solution which best suits your requirements.

Another way of keeping your gym changing rooms looking light and fresh is by using high quality, contemporary lockers. As they are a main feature of any gym changing area, choosing the ideal locker design can prove to be a challenging task as there are a number of factors to consider, such as durability, security and style. The three main locker types are:

– Wooden (MFC)

– Aluminium

– Mild Steel

Resilient and safe storage facilities which can withstand both wet and dry environments are an essential feature of any gym to ensure the belongings of people attending the gym are completely secure. The popular gym locker designs on the market today are available in a range of finishes, styles and sizes, all of which deliver on both style and quality to enhance the prestige of the room.

Finally, for ultimate comfort for those using your changing rooms, you may want to consider benching. Not only do they provide a practical place to put your belongings while showering or getting changed, they also complement the rest of the gym design perfectly. To ensure the benching you choose gives your changing rooms a professional and clean look, they are available in a selection of durable and stylish materials, including:

– Wooden slats

– Glass

– Solid grate laminate

For further information on how to totally update and revitalise your gym facilities, look no further than the products and installation services we offer here at Spectrum Interiors. We aim to bring both style and practicality to your gym changing room, offering clean and luxurious facilities to all your gym members.

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