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Office fit outs

Your office is a crucial aspect of your business; it is where your staff work tirelessly to help make your company a success, where you hold meetings with clients and, most importantly, for large chunks of your working week it is your home.

With your office being so important for the morale of your employees and the impression you’re giving to potential clients, it is important that you design your office refurbishment carefully, with thought to what your decor says about your business to both your staff and your clients. It is with this in mind that we’re looking at some inspiring office designs from around the world, and at how we can help incorporate these stylistic features into your office refurbishment to make your office stand out from the crowd.

Bring the outdoors in

When you’re thinking of how to design an office space, we like the idea of bringing the outdoors inside to ease the feeling of claustrophobia that can be associated with offices. This can be achieved by opting for an open plan layout, using artificial grass or green carpet and incorporating plenty of wood into the decor. This will replicate a natural environment that will help your employees feel more sense of freedom than being chained to a bog-standard desk.

Office 550x367 Outside In
Office 550x367 Outside In 2

Be individual

Turn a mundane office space into a visually enticing masterpiece by hanging artwork or pictures in meeting rooms and handpicking furniture items to create an eclectic collection that looks more at home in an art gallery than an office. An office design like this rejects the mundane 9-5 feeling and instead promotes the importance of individuality within business. We’re sure that employees in a working environment like this would feel like their individual efforts are appreciated rather than simply lost in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world!

Individual 550x352 1
Individual 550x3 1

Minimalism makes an impact

Making the most of minimalism and choosing to operate more in space and simplicity than gadgets and bright paint jobs screams professionalism, hinting that your business is more about quality than flashy designs. We’d contrast dark and light colours for a sleek and modern look, creating a professional and luxurious design that makes a positive impact on clients.

Minimal 550x367 1
Minimalistic 550x367 1

Make it fun

If you’re a creative business, use your decor to show that! Create the most fun office you can to represent your playful nature and encourage a positive attitude towards work and creativity. Add a games areas, bright flooring and wallpaper or unusual furnishings to create a unique workspace that guarantees to keep your staff wanting to come to work and your clients dying for a second visit!

Office Slide 550x367 1
Fun 550x367 1

Choose an energising colour scheme

You can use colours to make your office stand out; we’d recommend either sticking to the colours of your business’s logo for a consistent design or opting for bright whites, neon lighting, bold colours and angular architecture to create an energetic and exciting workplace for your staff. Our team of experts can help you utilise your space to create private pods for group work as well as open plan office spaces to keep the energy high and the work flowing.

Office 550

Spectrum Interiors offer a nationwide service of bespoke designs and high quality craftsmanship to transform your space into a spectacular office to suit your business. Our hands on approach means that we’ll manage the project from start to finish, removing the stress from your shoulders and ensuring that all of our work is carried out to the high levels of perfection that we expect from all of our staff.

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