Involve, Warrington

Situated in Warrington, a bustling town in the heart of Cheshire, our client, a prominent corporate entity, sought to rejuvenate their facilities to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. With a vision to create modern, comfortable spaces, they entrusted us with a comprehensive refurbishment encompassing washrooms, kitchen, and office areas, involving stages from removing old components to installing new furniture. We also crafted detailed drawings and visuals which served as essential tools in visualising the project’s concept and ensuring alignment with the client’s vision before moving forward with implementation. 

Scope of the Project:

Washroom Refurbishments:

Our team embarked on an extensive overhaul of the washroom facilities, addressing every aspect from flooring to accessories. The project encompassed:

  • Flooring: Installation of durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring to withstand high usage while complementing with the overall design scheme.
  • Wall Cladding: Implementation of resilient wall cladding solutions to enhance hygiene standards and provide an elegant finish.
  • Suspended Ceiling: Integration of suspended ceiling systems to improve acoustics and accommodate modern lighting fixtures.
  • Lighting: Strategic placement of lighting fixtures to ensure optimal illumination and create a welcoming ambiance.
  • Cubicles: Installation of contemporary cubicle systems designed to maximise space efficiency and privacy.
  • Vanity Units: Incorporation of stylish vanity units equipped with practical amenities to enhance user comfort and convenience.
  • Sanitaryware: Replacement of outdated sanitaryware with water-efficient fixtures to promote sustainability and reduce water consumption.
  • Accessories: Addition of high-quality accessories such as towel dispensers and waste bins to enhance user experience.


Kitchen Refurbishment:

Our team undertook a comprehensive transformation of the client’s kitchen area, focusing on functionality and aesthetics. The refurbishment included:

  • Flooring: Selection and installation of durable flooring materials suitable for heavy usage and easy maintenance.
  • Painting: Application of premium-quality paint to refresh the kitchen’s appearance and create a cohesive colour scheme.
  • Kitchen units: Upgrade of kitchen units to optimise storage space and streamline workflow.
  • Ceiling: Enhancement of the ceiling with modern design elements to complement the overall aesthetic.
  • Lighting: Integration of task lighting and ambient lighting solutions to ensure optimal visibility and ambiance.


Office Refurbishment:

The office space received a comprehensive makeover to enhance productivity and comfort for employees. The refurbishment encompassed:

  • Carpeting: Installation of high-quality carpeting for improved comfort and insulation.
  • Decorating: Application of fresh paint and decorative elements to revitalise the office environment.
  • Ceiling: Implementation of ceiling enhancements to improve aesthetics and acoustics.
  • Window Blinds: Installation of custom window blinds to regulate natural light and enhance privacy.


Green Room:

Beyond the standard refurbishment services, we also specialise in creating particular spaces to meet evolving needs. One notable addition to our expertise is the creation of a green room specifically tailored for video production. This innovative space combines functionality with eco-conscious design, providing a versatile environment for creative ventures. 

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