World Post COVID: 4 Things you should consider in a washroom

Washrooms post Covid

When you think of using a public washroom post-COVID, you might think it could still be a high-risk environment. However, scientists believe that may not necessarily be the case. According to studies, if you take the required measures, washrooms pose just the same risk as any other communal space, but not more.

Take a look at the following 4 things that you need to consider while using a public washroom in a post-COVID world.

Personal safety measures

Just like any other communal and public space, you need to wear a face mask while using a public restroom where you can to make sure you cover your nose and mouth adequately. If possible, wear glasses to protect your eyes or wear a sneeze guard glass and try to keep your mask on at all times. This will protect you from anyone coughing or sneezing in the air and decrease the risk of spreading the disease.

Another essential safety measure is to minimise contact with surfaces. Try not to touch counters, handles, or other unnecessary objects. If you have to touch objects or open doors, do it minimally or you can opt for wearing some gloves or use toilet paper to lift, pull, and turn washing and cleaning equipment.

Hand washing

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Hand washing is the most critical element of ensuring your safety. Even if you touch unclean surfaces by accident, as long as you wash your hands properly you’re minimising the risk. However, try your best to avoid touching your face or eyes before you’ve washed your hands and try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. We all wash our hands anyway after using the washroom, but it’s good to be extra thorough at the moment.

Once you’re done cleaning your hands, try to avoid touching anything else in the washroom. Luckily, some outdoor public washrooms don’t have a front door, so you can easily exit. But if you have to open a door to exit, make sure you minimise the amount of contact. It also might be worth carrying a hand sanitizer with you to use after you’ve exited the public restroom.

Keep your distance

The biggest threat of infection in a public restroom is through contact with other people. If the washroom is crowded, try to avoid it until it dies down a little. Especially if the other occupants aren’t wearing masks. If you can, maintain a safe distance of 1-2 metres from other people and try not to touch any surface after you’ve washed your hands. It’s also important not to share any personal items or toiletries with anyone else at this time.

Be quick

As obvious as it may sound, the quicker you can be, the less time you’re spending in an enclosed space where chances of infection are a lot higher. If there’s a line, wait outside until there aren’t so many people in the washroom space itself. Once you’re done washing your hands, leave as quickly as you can to avoid holding up others and overcrowding.


Post-COVID, it can be a little confusing on what the rules are when entering public washrooms. But if you take all the precautionary measures and wash your hands properly after, you’ll be minimising the risk as much as possible. If you’re looking for ways to make your public washroom safe, contact commercial toilet refurbishment services today!

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