Lockers: practical AND stylish, can it be done?

Typically, lockers are used for practicality purposes as a means of storage and security and, because of this, many do not realise that this piece of furniture can deliver on style as well as efficiency. Rather than opting for something that will visually complement the rest of the building and create a sense of character, many stick with the standard equipment which delivers on functionality but not on style.

In a commercial property, durable and safe locker facilities are crucial to guarantee the belongings of occupants and visitors are secure when left in a separate area. They vary in size, purpose, construction and security levels, depending on the individual requirements, time and budget constraints.

Public-use Washrooms

From schools and offices to sports centres and hospitals, one of the first things to consider is the type of material you need the lockers to be made from, as they must be durable in either a wet or dry environment. From this, you can decide what kind of style you are looking for to complement the rest of the property’s design and purpose. For example, to convey a playful personality and youthful flair, why not try using bright primary coloured lockers for schools? And for a hygienic, sleek finish for stylish private gyms, wooden lockers are an ideal option as they are easy to maintain and give an upscale appearance.

There are many efficient locker designs which offer functional and durable storage spaces while also delivering on panache and style. Such innovative commercial furniture can create a professional and sophisticated atmosphere in a workplace, while reassuring students, occupants and visitors that their belongings are safe and secure.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing new locker units to make sure the facilities best fit with your needs. Features such as integral air vents, name card holders and secure locking are typically required for school and work environments where the lockers are allocated to the students and employees to safely store their personal belongings. While it is important to consider such practical factors, it is also worth noting what colours and finishes you are looking for to best suit your environment. Whether you are in search of bright colours, stainless steel or a wooden finish, there are plenty of designs available, so you’re spoilt for choice!

Heavy Duty Lockers

For tougher storage solutions, heavy duty lockers with stylish solid grade laminate or melamine faced doors are ideal providing superior durability for all security purposes. The robust hinges remain strong, even under persistent mistreatment or forced entry.

Ultimately, a locker needs to be durable to keep personal items safe and secure while withstanding any external damage. It is a common misconception that commercial environments must only use lockers for practical purposes, but style should also play an important factor in keeping a professional and sophisticated appearance. Choosing the highest quality components, construction and finish guarantees your lockers will deliver on both resilience and style.

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When it comes to commercial furniture, our team of experts here at Spectrum Interiors understand the importance of delivering on both style and practicality. This is why we have designed a comprehensive range of lockers to suit any requirement. From design to installation, we are on hand every step of the way to ensure all your needs are catered for in a professional and efficient manner.

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