Washroom design

Office Washroom Guidance
Office Washrooms

Office Washroom Guidance

Providing employees and clients with fully functioning washroom facilities in an office environment is essential so they feel completely comfortable using the facilities and that all their needs are taken

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Wash & Dry Hands
Useful product information

Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

As the largest organ in our body, our skin has a plethora of functions to keep us healthy, including heat regulation, control of evaporation, absorption and water resistance. One of

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Luxury Aircraft Bathroom
Interior Design

Private Jet Bathroom

Washrooms and shower units are primarily a functional space where style can be achieved through excellent use of colour and materials. Here at Spectrum Interiors we understand the importance of

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disabled parking sign
Public Washrooms

Creating Accessible Washroom Facilities

The law It’s important to ensure that proper consideration is given for disabled users when designing new or refurbished toilet/cleaning facilities. UK law requires that ‘reasonable changes’ need to be

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