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Luxury Aircraft Bathroom

Washrooms and shower units are primarily a functional space where style can be achieved through excellent use of colour and materials. Here at Spectrum Interiors we understand the importance of reflecting your company’s ethos through your choice of decor and washroom design to ensure employees and guests feel comfortable.

An example of a commercial setting where hygienic washroom facilities must be provided to the public is on an aeroplane. Kitting out plane washrooms with well-fitted, fresh vanity units and panelling is an effective way of improving hygiene, balancing style with cleanliness.

This article will serve to show some of the most extravagant private jet vanity units, panelling and washroom facilities where style and functionality have made the perfect match…for a hefty price tag!

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 Private Jet

At the end of 2014, Donald Trump landed at Glasgow’s Prestwick airport in his £63m private jet fit for Royalty. The bathroom on the jet is fully equipped with marble sinks adorned with gold faucets and a toilet hidden beneath a leather chair. As well as its stylish benefits, the use of a marble surface allows for ease of maintenance as it can simply be wiped clean when the area becomes messy.

Our low maintenance, easy-to-clean vanity units here at Spectrum Interiors are available in a selection of sizes and colours to best suit your application. They provide durable, water and impact resistant solutions for a range of washroom areas, so you can rest assured knowing that they will remain in top working condition for many years to come.

Boeing 747-430 owned by Sultan of Brunei

The decor of this golden washroom on this $233 million private jet screams luxury and opulence as it features washbasins made out of solid gold.

While most of us can only dream of transforming a washroom into a golden wonderland, here at Spectrum Interiors our designs provide affordable, stylish solutions to help keep your bathroom clean and invite visitors to use again.

Boeing 787-8i

Luxury Aircraft BathroomSimilar to Trump’s private jet, the smooth marble surfaces allow for easy upkeep, delivering on functionality as well as style. Clever use of reflection and light in this Boeing 787-8i plane creates a spacious, uplifting washroom for superior comfort and relaxation. The strategic placement of mirrors opens up the room, giving it a clean, sleek look.

While we at Spectrum Interiors are unable to install aviation washrooms, we are committed to providing commercial washrooms which both staff and visitors will love and feel comfortable using. The bespoke vanity units and panelling we supply provide fresh, hygienic washroom facilities tailored to the sector.

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