Questions to ask your washroom designer

Planning a new washroom can be fun and exciting, and calling in a professional washroom designer to take charge can be greatly beneficial, but there are a number of very important points and considerations that need to be covered first. These range from making sure you are hiring a good reputable contractor, to carefully considering the construction, furnishing, décor, and appliances.

Hiring the right person for the job

Firstly, when hiring a contractor, you have to ensure that they are experienced and have the right skills for the job. Just because they have a good website, does not mean that the work will be carried out to a high standard, so looking for a contractor in your area on a National Builders website is a good move. Once you have found a promising builder, be sure to check respected internet sites to see if this contractor has good online ratings and testimonials, and make a search of his name and/or the company name with the word “scam” or “rip off” next to it.

You may need to ask the contractor questions such as: how long have they been in this trade, and have they been working under the same company name for that period – if it is a newly-formed business, then it is probably better to look elsewhere.

Remember to ask whether they are licensed, and if they have insurance, as they should have a policy which includes: personal liability, property damage coverage, and worker’s compensation. Ask for a copy of the policy before you agree to have the work done, as you would be liable for damage and injury payments if there is no cover.

For further background information, be sure to ask if they are members of a professional builder’s association, and request a list of references which include several people you can contact; or try to take a look at any washrooms they have completed, such as those done for neighbours or friends. Suitable questions to ask during this time include:

– Was the work completed on schedule?

– Did it go over the initial agreed budget?

– Was the work done satisfactorily?


According to the existing structure of the room you are going to use, a major consideration will be whether or not you will need planning permission, and whether your project will require a permit. If the contractor is professional, he will be responsible for carrying out these formalities if necessary. You will also need to discuss the type of units which best fit your requirements, and the colours and designs that inspire you. Another very important aspect to discuss is the guarantees that come with the work carried out by the contractor, as well as for the appliances and materials.


The best practice is to contact several reputable firms and tradesmen that you have checked out, and ask for written estimates of the total costs of material, products, and labour charges in clear, easy to understand language. It should be an official estimate which has the contractor’s or firm’s details: address, telephone number, email, license number etc., clearly shown.

Contract details

Make sure that the contract includes the application for any planning permission and permits, and that it states the approximate start and completion date. It must also clearly state the agreed payment schedule for the contractor’s and sub-contractor’s fees and the materials and furnishings.

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