Office Washroom Guidance

Providing employees and clients with fully functioning washroom facilities in an office environment is essential so they feel completely comfortable using the facilities and that all their needs are taken care of. According to the HSE’s Welfare at Work guidance, employers have a duty to provide “adequate and appropriate welfare facilities” while their staff are at work, which includes:

  • Washing
  • Toilet
  • Rest
  • Changing
  • A clean area to eat and drink during breaks

This article will serve to explain the guidance offices must follow to ensure their office washrooms fulfil the necessary requirements.

Toilet and washing facilities

All employers are responsible for providing adequate toilet and washing facilities for their staff members. It’s worth noting that the considerations of those with disabilities must be taken into account to ensure all needs are catered for. As stated by the HSE, offices must provide:

  • A sufficient number of toilets and washbasins in relation to the amount of people working in the office – no one should be queuing for a long period of time to use the toilet
  • Separate facilities for men and women. If this is not possible, rooms with lockable doors must be provided
  • Clean facilities. Tiles or waterproof material will make walls and floors easier to maintain
  • A constant supply of toilet paper and sanitary bins for female employees
  • Well-lit and ventilated facilities
  • Provision of hot and cold running water
  • Sufficient amount of soap
  • A basin large enough to wash hands and forearms if necessary
  • A way of drying hands; paper towels or hot air dryer
  • Showers where necessary

Required number of toilets and washbasins

According to the HSE, the minimum number of toilets and washbasins that should be provided for mixed use or women only are:

Number of women at workNumber of toiletsNumber of washbasins

The number of toilets supplied for men only must be:

Number of men at workNumber of toiletsNumber of urinals

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