Washrooms: exploring colour palettes

When decorating our own homes, most of us will spend a great deal of time considering
the colour scheme to make sure it complements the rest of your home seamlessly. However, when it comes to commercial buildings, it seems that this is a long way down the list.


Most commercial buildings have washrooms which are functional, to say the least, and the colour scheme is often either a very plain white or a combination of whatever dark colours are left over from the rest of the building. This can often create a dull and gloomy place to spend time, causing users to leave as quickly as they can.

Whilst the washroom isn’t a place most of us want to spend too much time in anyway, ensuring that it is a pleasant place to be can have a surprisingly positive impact on those working there and, in turn, on your business venture too.

A quick break to escape

With so many of us now working in a highly stressful environment, and with pressures mounting throughout the day, taking a break, of any length, can be very difficult and most of us also now even rarely get a lunch break, taking the option instead of eating at our desks. Over time, this stressed and rushed lifestyle can even affect our health and doctors now consider stress to be a major problem.

With this workplace pressure, for many people, visiting the washroom is a way of allowing themselves a few minutes to unwind and relax and re-focus ready to go back out there refreshed.

This can be helped by the decor of the washroom and whilst a plain white may not be offensive to its users, it is not exactly inspiring either. A dark coloured washroom can feel oppressive and even add to the overall sense of stress.

Greens can create a sense of calm and relaxation in any room.

A lot of research has taken place over the years into how colour affects people’s moods. Green is generally associated with calm and relaxation and is a useful colour to choose for a washroom where there is a high pressure environment. A lighter shade is also advisable to create light in the room.


In less pressured commercial enterprises, green, for relaxation, may not be the most suitable choice and greys and reds may instead be chosen to motivate and inspire the workforce.

Although these latter colours may seem a little ‘dull’, selecting a brighter shade will help inspiration in the environment. Add to that a little yellow which has been shown to improve happiness and you have a winning combination for success for your commercial concern.

Female washrooms

While the above ideas are suitable for washrooms for either sex, female washrooms may also benefit from a colour scheme which revolves around lilac, which is deemed to be a feminine colour, and purple, the colour of fertility.

Whatever colour scheme is decided upon though, it is worth spending some time considering what type of atmosphere your business would benefit most from and what the workforce needs to be both happy and productive.

Although it may be tempting to go for the easy option of a white colour scheme for the washroom, not only your workforce, but your business too, may benefit from some care and attention to the colour scheme that you choose.

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