School Toilet Cubicles: Specifications and Ranges

We promote high quality facilities for adults and children alike here at Spectrum Interiors, working closely with a range of industries to provide versatile solutions to suit every customer’s requirements.
School toilet cubicles and facilities are not currently required by law to be maintained to a set standard, whereas adult toilet facilities are protected under The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, requiring clean facilities with hot water, soap, and enough toilets to satisfy the requirements of the premises.

The eight year campaign, Bog Standard, launched by ERIC, argues that school children require the same level of acceptable standards for toilet provisions as adults are given – something that has still not been granted despite the high profile campaign’s success in raising awareness. Here at Spectrum Interiors, we believe that no matter your age or stage, a high standard of toilet facilities should be a guarantee.

Benefits of clean and well-functioning toilets and school toilet cubicles include:

  • A hygienic environment may contribute to reducing medical conditions that are common among children, including chronic constipation, incontinence, and urinary infections.
  • A more positive impact on pupils’ participation at school, including overall morale, behaviour and attendance.
  • Provides pupils with a basic right that all children should receive; clean, hygienic, and private toilets available to be used at all times when in school.
  • A consistent standard of hygiene and cleanliness, teaching pupils to respect the school environment and reducing the likelihood of the facilities being damaged or vandalised.

Our range

At Spectrum Interiors, we work closely with a number of schools to ensure the appropriate washroom facilities are provided for all pupils and staff. We supply a range of cubicle designs and sizes, and provide bespoke manufacturing services to tailor your cubicles to your school’s specific requirements.

Our range of children’s cubicle toilets includes:

Signature – a sleek, minimalist design with bull-nosed aluminium ironmongery such as cubicle brackets, toilet roll holders, and adjustable legs.
Salvino – a basic but versatile option suitable for many applications, with Satin Anodised Aluminium ironmongery including brackets, indicator bolts, hinges, and legs.
Solo – these cubicles feature sloped doors and divisions for a twist on traditional children’s bathrooms. The solo design features Satin Anodised ironmongery including, brackets, hinges and fixings.
Sorrento – ideal for the education sector, this stylish range features a curved pilaster design with Satin Anodised ironmongery and accessories.

For the full range and specifications of the school toilet cubicles we provide, please download our School Toilet Cubicle Range and Specifications.



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